I have always been interested in electronics, riding bicycles, and Amateur Radio. I had my first ham license in 1968 at the age of 13. Since then I have stayed busy with lots of electronics or computer related jobs.

Professional and Hobby related links

I have been active in maintaining several repeater sites for over 40 years. More recently for many sites several of the local crew have added mesh networking hardware. Several of our guys have been rolling out some new digital repeaters.

Amateur Radio related Links

My Links
Station update 9-15-2013
Station update December 2014
Minor changes to the antenna system in March 2015

My Station and Status in 2003 updated in 2007
Summer 2002 Antenna Projects
My Xterra Mobile Installation How it was done.
Projects, Manuals and Equipment Information
The Tennessee Contest Group

Antenna Projects

75 / 80 Meter full size 2 Element Delta Loop
75 / 80 Meter Broadband Dipole
80 / 160 Meter Double L

Linux Bits

Debugging the FT-991 interface on Ubuntu 16.04

Installing Adobe Air on Ubuntu 12.04 (to read QST) on a 64 bit laptop

Ongoing work with running the ghpsdr3-alex routines on the 100D Apache Labs hardware

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