How Serious is SCO?


SCO / IBM / Linux battle links

Past History
Files from the USL / BSDI case in 1993 The judge's finding and order on USL's call for a preliminary injunction against BSDI
Nick Moffitt's $7 History of Unix
Timeline of GNU/Linux and Unix

Other Resources
Diagram relative to SCO's assertion of illegally copied memory-allocation code
Dennis Ritchie Acknowledges the Code
OSDL position paper challenges SCO's anti-linux threats
An Open Letter to Darl McBride
Analyst: Linux Kernel Code Seems to be Copied
Enforcing the GNU GPL
OSI pleads to the court
an interesting analysis
An experiment in collective intelligence
Is Caldera moving away from Linux?
Let SCO hang itself
SCO's big legal gun takes aim
Get on with Linux and ignore SCO, developer says
SCO: MIT Experts No Longer At MIT
NZ Open Source Group Hires 'big Dog' To Fight SCO
'No More Mr Nice Guy' Warns Eric S. Raymond"
Versatility, cost spark Linux fever
IBM, SCO, Linux, SeaBiscuit
Embarrassing Dispatches From The SCO Front
SCO's Attorney Explains Position On Linux, GPL, IBM in Interview
SCO CEO says IBM behind open source attacks
SCO undermines its own Linux lawsuit
SCO could face uphill battle in drawing new customers
The patent nuclear weapon
SCO's evidence of copying between Linux and UnixWare
CRN: Linux customers can ignore SCO-IBM-Red Hat Liux battle, OSDL say
Against SCO's GPL jihad: one size doesn't fit all
SCO says executives began share-sale plans after IBM lawsuit
SCO Defends Against Open Source Advocates
SCO Web site down again, questions raised
It Ain't Necessarily SCO
Gates: Linux infringing numerous patents, SCO is just the beginning
Of monkeys and penguins
Microsoft, SCO lean on Linux
SCO says it may sue Linux customers, not Linux companies
SCO faces AAUG anger, claims Linux users still liable
Groklaw Analysis
Linux Today - Response to SCO-s Open Letter
InfoWorld: Torvalds to SCO: Negotiate what?
SCO Admits To Not Knowing Own Code History In Recent Q&A
Groklaw sends a Dear Darl letter
An open source letter
SCO Turns Its Attention to SGI
SGI code changes not enough says SCO
Leader of the Free World
SCO backs off Linux invoice plan
SCO Asks the Red Hat Judge Not to Give Them Their Day in Court
SCO attacks open-source foundation
SCO offers some of its Linux customoers its Unix IP license free
FSF General Counsel Eben Moglen on Cisco and SCO
Who's doing selective enforcement?
IBM Reply to SCO Response to IBM Motion to Compel Discovery"
Linux Migration Incentives Planned by SCO
Holding up Hollywood
SCO, IBM battle heats up
SCO Targets Torvalds, Stallman
Linux Founder To Get Free Legal Counsel in SCO Suit
IBM cites SCO judge in latest SCO filings
SCO Group Raises Battle Cry Again
SCO To Expand Its Lawsuit Beyond Linux
SCO: GPL threatens $229B software market
SCO Legal Fees Could Jepardize Its Software Business
SCO: Without Fear and Without Research Eblen Mogen debunks SCO's claims to copyright infringement and discusses how they contradict themselves by citing that the GPL is both invalid and provides them legal protection.
Source Claims SCO Will Sue Google
Want to See One of the Letters to the 1500?
Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die SCO?
Darl's Greed is good Manifesto
Linus digs into law and finds something useful
IBM's Reply Memorandum in Support of its Second Motion to Compel Discovery
Judge Tells SCO No *You* have to show the code first
GPL is no hippie dream
SCO sends notices to 6,000 Linux licensees
Did SCO actually buy what it thought it bought?
SCO sort of thinks there are Linux IP violations, but isn't quite sure" (please help them)
Open Source thieves stealing My American code - SCO boss
Linus Torvalds: SCO Is "Just Too Wrong"
Why SCO's McBride Declared War
SCO's clai reaches $5 billion
SCO sues AutoZone

Document shows SCO prepped lawsuit against BofA

SCO targets federal suprecomputer users

IBM wants judgement on SCO's Linux copyright

IBM seeks knockout blow in SCO case
BayStar pulling out $20M investment in SCO Group; PIPE deal falling apart?

Inspired by RIAA, SCO prepares Linux crusade

Daimler Chrysler tells SCO to get out of its face


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