Our Support Policy


Our Support Policy

The staff of WWNS has in the past done support for a number of different operating systems. We will continue to support whatever the operating system our customers are using. There are however some operating systems that we do not recommend and strongly suggest to anyone using their software it is time to switch. It is our opinion that SCO is in the process of reducing its customer base to a count of zero. They seem to be interested in making their former customers all litigants to an increasingly unbelievable lawsuit aimed at extortion of the customers to provide their only means of making a profit.

For the most part my sentiments on current IT related events is fairly well documented by other sites on the web. No matter which company(ies) might be behind the current effort to sue customers out of existence for using a superior product (at any price) there is no excuse for such lame tactics.

I have in the past used SCO products and installed it on a number of systems. We will continue to support customers that already have SCO software installed, however we will not recommend, and will strongly advise customers still using their products to switch to something else. My rant is only a good starting point on why I think the current activity is suicidal to their business. I have owned some of the software they claim to own before. They do have an excellent law firm to prop up their weak arguments. The winners in this case will be the law firms. The loosers no matter who wins the case will be those that have to waste time answering questions about past history. If SCO did one bit of research of UNIX history, or even remembered things written in their own software they have not shown any sign of it. I think Linus has the right idea when he said "Quite frankly, I found it mostly interesting in a Jerry Springer kind of way" in an email interview. You can find a PDF Copy of their latest letter here.

The bottom line is, we will make every effort to help our customers move away from suicidal software companies. We don't want to waste our clients time with frivolous law suits or legal sword rattling.


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