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Would you be interested in participating in a free form bit of competition where you can make a substantial profit? We thought we would put together some friendly competition between groups that we create from the efforts of different interests. We will pick a few of the opportunities on the web and rate how each one is doing against whatever happens to be the leading income generator. How will you make something from this? You have the option of signing up for these sites, and joining our effort. We ask that you let us know which group you are most interested in. Your email address will be put into our database for that group. We would like your permission to contact you on occasion to advise you on what is going on with your interest group and any relevant news. You will also be able to remove your email address and drop from these records at anytime you would like. 

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    On a regular basis we will publish information on which effort has more people and the relative amount of income that it generates. I would urge you to look to see what the product is, and decide for yourself if that is the right product for yourself. We will add other opportunities that we deem worth trying, and will let you know which have been the most successful for us. We will not guarantee any results. We will give you the option of sending you an email if we think another opportunity will work out better, or if something happens that would cause us to believe another opportunity will be more profitable. 

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